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Carpet Tiles vs. Regular Rolled Carpet

A carpet tile is just a square section of a carpet roll. So why are so many people so engrossed over it? People are interested in carpet tiles because they are just what they are – smaller sections of regular carpet. Why is a carpet tile better than a carpet roll and why is a carpet roll better than a carpet tile? There are basic and distinguishing characteristics among these two and these have long been their basis of comparison. However, they have the same characteristics too.


Both of these carpets are soft to the feet. Compared to a hardwood floor, you could stand for longer hours on a carpet. Hardwood floors have different designs and colors, but carpet colors are easier to the eye. Have you ever seen a blue hardwood floor? Then you must have experienced an eyesore. Both carpet squares and rolled carpets could pull this off. The variety of colors and designs on a carpet makes it easier to incorporate on the house’s overall design too.


A carpet tile is smaller. Now why is this even a benefit? Obviously, not all people have the luxury of having big rooms and large floor areas. On the other hand, a carpet roll is a fixed measurement and it is usually big. The point of this comparison has been made, and enough has been said for the use of carpet tiles in smaller floor areas. They are small and light, and are less messy to deal with since the scraps are smaller for small rooms compared to the scraps from a carpet roll. This makes carpet squares easier on the budget.


Carpet tiles are easier to handle than carpet rolls. A carpet tile could easily be stored, transported and maneuvered, and this is a great reason why carpet installers love these little blessings more. Though a number of carpet squares could be heavy too, a carpet roll is definitely a fixed heavy weight to bear. The size of the roll makes it harder to store and transport.


Carpeted floors are hard to have in houses where there are kids and pets. Spots and stains are more frequent, and a regular carpet would need to be replaced after some years if you do not want your guests to see your spotted carpet. If you have carpet squares for floors, replacement and reinstallation is easier. When your kid or pet leaves a spot on the floor, you could easily remove the square and replace it with a new one. This is the reason why many people purchase and additional number of carpet tiles – they are easier to install, remove and reinstall.


With these, one could conclude that carpeted floors are better than hardwood floors in some cases, but carpet squares are always better than rolled carpets. They are easier to move around, easier to move with, easier to install and cheaper on the budget. Carpet squares are cheaper to install than rolled carpet, since it could easily be done even by those who are not professional carpet installers.